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Publishing Advice – Practices & Principles — 6 Comments

  1. You know, Dave, how long I’ve been doing this stuff myself, and we both know how far ahead of me you are on this curve. Thanks for throwing a lifeline back along the river.

    Sharing this one far and wide.

  2. All useful stuff, but why did you use Times Bold for the text? Not the most readable of fonts.
    And by the way, did you take you own advice and get a professional to check your prose? S/he would have suggested you get some consistency in your styles, for example, you’ve used: “6 books”, “my seventh”, “7th book”, all in one document!

    • I’m busted on point one. I had a web font in there at one time, but every once in a while, it wouldn’t load for someone and the first thing they’d do is lambaste me on the forums for “posing” as a designer and using an “invisible” font. Then I changed to Garamond and Georgia, which everyone can load. Somewhere along the line, my custom CSS got overridden by an upgrade or something. Times crept in (and I will soon purge it). Thanks on that point.

      As for the rest, it’s a blog – informal writing. I do my best, but you may notice I don’t sell subscriptions or products or ask for money. It’s all free. I always engage an editor for a book, but the blog would bleed me dry money and timewise if I had to polish it to the same standards. The world will have to decide whether or not I’m worthy to give away my time and experience without having an editor go through it. I don’t promise perfect form, but I try to deliver useful, hype-free information.