nly you can tell your life story but if you wish to share expertise or ideas—a concept, method, or philosophy—ghostwriting offers an efficient and effective way to accomplish that goal.

But … there’s no way around it: If I write your book for you, the process will require your time. Like editing, ghostwriting is a highly-collaborative process.

We’ll begin with a series of interviews in which you’ll explain your concepts and we’ll boil them down into an outline. What’s the outcome? How will your reader benefit from your book? What are the steps—the chain of ideas and concepts—that your reader must understand in order to understand and apply your solution? What stories can we share—actual or created—that will bring those concepts and their importance to life? What are the common mistakes and stumbling blocks that prevent readers like yours from finding the solutions you offer? What is unique about your approach that hasn’t been written about before?

You’ll also tell me what I need to research. Though your book and your approach will be unique, you may want me to include factual or historical background information that I can look up on my own. That saves you time and allows you to focus on your unique ideas and solutions.

These interviews will provide me with insights into your voice—the way you say things instead of the way I would write them myself—and the resulting roadmap will allow the book to be written in a relatively short time. With a solid outline, I’ve written several complete books in less than three weeks.

Another benefit: If you’re an expert or a speaker, this process will solidify your concepts and reveal fresh ideas in ways you can’t imagine. Working with an editor as you write the book means you’ll be working with an advocate for your reader. Will readers think you mean A instead of B? You talk about Z but what if readers are unfamiliar with Y? Some readers may not agree that X is true. How will we handle objections so that readers won’t reject your book? Most of the “pressure testing” will get done before the actual prose is created—and that means much less rewriting after the first draft is done.

Of course, as chapters are created, your eyes will be required to ensure that each expresses what you want to say the way you want to say it.

Then we’ll typeset your book and wrap it in a beautiful cover.

Most ghostwritten books are produced by entrepreneurs who wish to establish credibility and expertise. Fees for ghostwriting vary depending on the length and depth of your content.