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Book Design Basics Part 1: Margins and Leading — 11 Comments

  1. Really wanted to use the golden ratio to lay out the interior of my book, but those margins are ridiculous. I could see laying out a coffee table book like that, but not a novel.

      • Looks nice, but too much wasted space. That’s why you won’t find a mass market novel with this layout. I understand the esthetics. Just not practical.

        • I agree. As stated in the article, “A big publisher may print 30,000 copies of a new author’s book. That’s a huge financial risk. If more text can be fit on each page, the print run uses less paper and less ink, resulting in huge savings.”

  2. Stumbled across this while looking at Golden Ratio theory for book cover design (ironically enough, considering your second sentence). Not exactly what I was looking for, but as I’m adventuring in POD right now, very very cool info. Bookmarked! Thanks.