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Why You Need a Professional Editor — 8 Comments

  1. A very helpful article, thanks! I’ve been trialing editors for my current romance WIP, including industry stalwarts from The Big Four, to freelancers and hobbyists, *budget* options and the gurus who cost a pretty penny. From 9 to 5 I’m an editor myself, so it’s been great experiencing the process from a writer’s perspective. I’ve documented some tips below on what to look for in an editor (and what should send you running), which you might find interesting.

  2. Excellent. As an academic social scientist for years, I’m now learning a new passion: writing memoir. I appreciate the focus of this article and guidance it provides. Thank you for including me on your newsletter. I will share this with
    my writing groups.

  3. Excellent article and definite confirmation that no matter how long you’ve been writing, there’s no better team-mate on the journey to publishing a great book than a great editor!

  4. Excellent article, well written . . . your inclusion of excerpts from a book evaluation was probably the most effective way to show the necessity of hiring a savvy editor. I’m glad you had such a positive experience. Steven Bauer sounds like a real jewel.

  5. This post is excellent, and I couldn’t agree more. After having my manuscript critiqued by several writers, I thought it was ready for submission. Yet when I hired a former editor of a Big 6 house to edit it, she turned up several more subtle issues (particularly pacing) that on one else had addressed. It was the best money I ever spent on my writing.

    • Your experiences parallel my own. I thought I had “self editing” wired with my editing group and my software tools but I’ve been shown the light. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. Dave, these are points that can’t be made too often, and yet ones I still argue with independent author-publishers. Your friends, however talented, will not take the place of professional editors.

    Thanks for saying this again, loud and clear. An excellent article.