Book Design Cost Estimator

Use the form below to calculate approximate costs for book design. Costs will vary if your project requires custom graphics, multiple insets or sidebars, or custom components like slipcases.

Typesetting: This is your book’s interior design. Elements include drop caps, page numbers, running heads, table of contents, etc.

Manuscript Word Count:

High-quality images require only simple color adjustment, cropping, and resizing.

Number of High Quality Images:

Low-quality images require retouching or repair, and may be of insufficient resolution to print well without skillful adjustments.

Number of Low-Quality Images:


Cover Design includes graphic design, digital file preparation, and any adjustments that need to be made after a proof copy is printed.

Cover Design

Publishing Help includes assistance with account setup (Amazon KDP, Ingram, et al), Title setup, and uploading of digital files to your printer/distributor.

Publication Help