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The Truth About Christmas: A Holiday Parable by Dave Bricker — 5 Comments

  1. This tale reveals a story-teller at his best.Dave Bricker’s The Truth About Christmas is amusing, factual, creative, and satisfying. I’m a Jewish college English professor and I loved it.

  2. Dear Dave Bricker:

    Why did you have to inflict that cheesy parable on your readers? Why would the teacher have been so hostile to a good presentation? There is no mention that it’s a religious school, but a public school would not have assigned holiday presentations. Is there no principal to appeal to, or ACLU? Was there any real connection between the presentation with its attendant fight, and the chance, ‘miraculous’ discovery of a $100 bill (JB was looking down, yes, but how did the bill get there in the first place? That came from you, the Author/god, not organically from the preceding story.)? Did anything that came beforehand have anything to do with Jefferson Baugh’s final act of generosity? Would he have acted differently in February? As you try to “promote the World’s Greatest Book” do you have to raise doubts in your newsletter as to whether you’re in fact a Bible salesman sending spam?


    • Funny; I’m not religious at all and was raised Jewish. But teachers and people in general are hostile to facts all the time – just look at our last election. And a 15-year-old student is hardly going to appeal to the ACLU to defend his right to excoriate Christmas! I have nothing to sell but smiles and the notion that perhaps, underneath all the layers of commerce and tradition gone astray, a little magic can be found. (I could have made everyone link to my blog to finish reading, but chose not to be commercial). I could have taken Jefferson’s position that Christmas is all phony. He does a good job at proving it, but where does that leave the reader? What would be the points of such a story? A few would be amused (as I am) at the shady origins of Santa, but most readers would feel I’d set them up to attack their beliefs. A little redemption does, in my opinion, a better story make. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the story, but I do thank you for reading it.