An epic sea story written by an experienced sailor, Waves is a colorful, authentic account of an extraordinary voyage.

Hanns sails a 47′ cruising trimaran to the Caribbean through a realm of transcendent beauty. Trusting instinct and nature’s signs, he survives storms and reefs to find paradise threatened by the very people drawn to its magic; a poignant allegory for our times.

Waves is available exclusively in an affordable ($19.99) but elegant hardcover edition, typeset to 1920s standards, cloth-bound and foil-stamped with an attractive dust jacket.

“Waves is an astonishing adventure story and an intriguing free dive into the depths of human nature.”

—Richard Geller, author


“More than a sea story, Waves is about the twists and turns of life—very real—
a riveting adventure that puts you in the moment.”

—Neal Petersen,
adventurer, author & solo circumnavigator

Preview Waves in flipbook form here.

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