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Encouragement for Those On The Path to Better Writing — 9 Comments

  1. I just gotta start.hardest thing is too start.i have such astory!! But I want a typewriter that’s write o want the keys to pulsate through my fingertips to veins into my soul’s depth and WA la!

  2. Dave,
    I don’t deserve to comment on a great writing but your encouraging style deserves appreciation even from an Aeronautical Engineer trying to become a writer after retirement. I think I am at the right step of a mountain.

  3. You’re right – everyone can keep learning and all comments should be considered.

    But I also think you need to develop judgment about better writing. After several years of working for a team of some of Australia’s most proficient (and academic) writers of good, clear English, I went to work for someone whose idea of good prose was the more gobbledygook and convolution the better. She used to rewrite my (and other staff’s) drafts so that instead of clear, and pleasant to read prose, the resulting letter or ministerial minute read like the proverbial bureaucratise. Some people have the view that the harder to read, the deeper and more meaningful the prose.

    • Those who can’t write, write MORE. But I think we are saying the same thing. Had your employer written a book or three and worked with a professional editor, he would have felt less of a call to prove himself a hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophile (a lover of very long words). I once worked with an art director who had a similar approach to design.

  4. Valuable advice Dave – especially about printing out and reading things back to yourself aloud. Are you OK with my reblogging this with full accreditation for one of my writers groups as it always helps to have another voice to reinforce the ‘nagging’ that we all need once in a while? 😉

    • Jan,

      Reblog as you like, but please don’t reprint vertbatim. Search engines hate duplicate content; you’ll damage us both. Beyond that, please share the love; I’m honored.