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Track Changes – The Essential Tool for Writers and Editors — 6 Comments

  1. Nice tool – Good info. I originally was working in Word and moved to Scrivener. I think I am going back to word for this tool alone.

  2. Sharing this if I may Dave – I think track changes is THE best author/editor tool going, as it’s so great for ‘discussing’ as you say and builds up this crucial relationship. Automated edit packages are great for picking out ‘common’ gaffes but so hard on the ‘voice’ and far less intuitive than a flesh and blood editor who’s familiar with your work.
    Kudos for such a useful vid tutorial too 😀

  3. Google Documents does a similar thing (although not as polished), and you’re also able to see as the other person is typing.

    I had to watch until the very end, to see if you were going to catch “The good news it it’s quick and easy to learn.”