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As the author of six books, I face the same production and promotion struggles you do. As a book coach and designer, I’ve had the honor of helping remarkable people create beautiful books. As a blogger, I’m privileged to share my advice about writing, publishing, and book design with hundreds of thousands of my fellow writers.

Whether you’re still thinking about writing your book, or are at the advanced stages of building an author platform, you’ll find nothing but “straight talk” here—no ads, endorsements, or recommendations for products or services I haven’t personally tested and found to be valuable. And you won‘t find magic formulas for getting rich selling books. Every book is different. Every author is different. Every publishing strategy must be different. But though not every great book makes a great product, there is a place in the world for your unmarketable masterpiece. I’ll never discourage you from publishing your book as long as your expectations are realistic.

The overriding theme of this blog is “DO YOUR HOMEWORK.” Learning to become a publisher is the flip-side of learning to become a writer. I’ll show you what’s involved: what’s required to write, produce, and promote an excellent book; what you can do on your own; what outside resources you’ll need; what it costs to do the job right; and what you need to do to build and maintain an effective author platform.

Thank you for reading and helping me make TheWorldsGreatestBook.com a premier resource for indie publishers. Feel free to post a comment or email me (and watch for the challenge from my spam filter) if there’s a topic you’d like to see me cover.


—Dave Bricker

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