I incorporated one of Miami’s first web design firms in 1995, back when most people still thought “Internet” was a hair product. It was me who begged the Miami Yellow Pages to start “Internet” and “Web Design” categories even though they had no idea what I was talking about.

Since then, I have built countless websites for everyone from Mom and Pop to Fortune 100 Corporations. The web still looks like an explosion in a confetti factory, but it doesn’t have to. By applying proven recipes from the rich history of graphic design, websites can go beyond delivering data to engage and inspire.

Though the possibilities are unlimited, tools like WordPress now make it possible to create effective websites that can be managed and updated by you. (This website was created with WordPress).

Website design includes training, support and practical advice that will help you build a community around your book. Website design starts at US$2500. A project price will be quoted based on an assessment of your needs and goals and the complexity of producing the design.

If you have about 45 minutes, visit what is arguably the most unique author site ever developed for novelist and poet, Richard Geller at http://www.aSiteAboutSomething.com

See my web portfolio at http://www.spotgrafix.com/interactive

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