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Book Design Basics: Quotation Marks and Primes — 5 Comments

    • According to Wikipedia, accurate and reliable source for all things true: Under Windows, the Alt key is pressed and held down while a decimal character code is entered on the numeric keypad; the Alt key is then released and the character appears. If you’re using the keypad and this doesn’t work, let me know when you find the solution. I don’t do windows.

      • > Numeric Keypad and ALT key in Windows <

        You're right with the procedure, Dave. However, fact is that the post simply shows the wrong numeric [4 digit] sequence to come up with single prime or double prime in Windows. The HTML code is correct.

        You have two options:
        (1) Use ALT 0146 or ALT 0147 to come up with single prime or double prime.
        (2) Use the same numbers as in HTML. ALT 8242 or ALT 8243 give you the same result.

        Again, we talk about Windows OS here, right?


        • Help is appreciated. I’ve been a mac user since 1987 and have never spent much time on Windows. Usually, I gripe about Windows’ complicated escape sequences, but Mac doesn’t even have keystrokes to access some of these important typographic necessities. Most of the world will get along with straight quotes. The rest of us will probably use the glyphs/special characters panel as it’s the bets choice of several bad options.