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KF8 EBook Tools and Documents Released by Amazon — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Dave,

    hope you’re still here 🙂 I’m wondering how to produce kindle-Edition-ebooks including video. Amazon’s statement here is, that the production of kindle-editions including video can’t be done with one of the amazon kindle publishing tools, like the kindlegen oder the indesign kindle-plugin.

    So. How is it done, then? Do you know anything about it?

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Hey Jessica,

      For me the limited and inconsistent support for video and other media has made “fancy” eBook production too much of a RFPIA (pain in the butt). I’m moving toward web-based eBooks that can be viewed in the browser and designing eBooks that work within the limitations of ePub2. See Why Ebooks Belong in the Web Browser. Otherwise, I’d look at the export tools offered in InDesign.

    • Pretty much, but theoretically, you can upload a Word Doc to the KDP site and get back HTML that will use the new features. I don’t use Word except for the manuscript stage so I won’t be testing this any time soon. The fact remains that whatever you convert to MOBI, EPUB, or KF8 will almost always require some tweaking at a code level. Whether visual HTML editors like Dreamweaver will produce code that Amazon can swallow remains to be seen. The jury’s out until Adobe releases CS6 this Spring.

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