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eBook-production-surveyThis survey aims to reveal trends in eBook production. How did you produce your last eBook and how much money did you spend? Did you do it yourself, submit your manuscript to a conversion service, or hire a freelancer? Are you happy with the results? Where are your eBooks available?

If you’ve published multiple books, base your responses on the most recent one.

Results will be made public. Subscribe at the bottom of the survey page to be notified when results are posted.

Thank you!

EBook Survey

EBook Survey



EBook Production: How Did You Make Your EBook? — 1 Comment

  1. I have published eight eBooks without assistance or spending money,and I am very pleased with the results. It is my contention that if a person has the wherewithal to write a book, they can publish by themselves. Now that I am getting a return on my investment, which has been essentially zero money, I’ve taken to splurging on images for cover art. I paid $5 for the image I used on my latest book. I also publish via Createspace without incurring expense other than for proof and promotional copies.

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