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Book Design Basics – Dashes, Hyphens and Dots — 4 Comments

  1. This is a great explanation! One thing I’ve been wondering about is: should there be spaces around the em dash? I’ve seen different typesetting in a few books…some have a space before and after the em dash, and some leave it flush to the text. I wonder also if there is one rule for that in all languages, or if the spacing rule differs based on the language?

    • I don’t like spaces around emdashes. You get unintended line breaks with dashes jumping to the next line. Ideally, the spacing should be built in to the emdash character in your chosen font. If you want to modify it, do a find/replace when the boo is done and put a non-breaking space before and after the dash. I personally don’t like the extra space (the dash is long to begin with) but I know designers who do. Excellent question.

  2. To indi­cate omis­sion of val­ues in a repeated oper­a­tion, an ellip­sis raised to the cen­ter of the line is used between two oper­a­tion sym­bols or fol­low­ing the last oper­a­tion symbol.

    x = 1+2+3+•••+100

    (When I see the text, i see the ellipsis is not raised to the center. But when I copy pasted the text here to tell you about it, in the text box, the ellipsis looks raised to the center. Not sure how it will be once I publish the comment.)