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Writer’s Software Review: AutoCrit Rocks! — 12 Comments

    • You can resubscribe or not as you like. And I find the style patterns AutoCrit focuses to be useful for most any type of writing. They use popular fiction as a measuring stick for how many times you can “get away with” using a particular pattern, but once you see the patterns (repeated words, sentences starting with -ly adverbs, etc.) you can make your own decisions about “acceptable use.”

  1. Can I edit my writing directly from Word or must I copy the analysis and go back and edit a line at a time?

  2. Dave, thanks for this indispensable site. You have a new fan. (I’ll be contacting you soon about consulting.)

    I’m eager to try Autocrit, too. One tiny slip on this page: “prob­lems that pre­vent the reader from your enjoy­ing story”. Hardly worth mentioning, but I thought you’d want to know.

  3. Good review. I am thinking of changing from Pro Writing Aid… It can take an hour to analyze a paragraph. Do you know if AutoCrit is faster? Does it have a plug-in for word?

  4. Thanks for this post about AutoCrit. I’d never heard of it before, but now I’m excited to check it out! Even if I don’t take all the suggestions, I like that I can help me look at my work with a different eye. Looking forward to checking out more tips and info on your site 🙂

    • I don’t think it will help with your recipes, but cookbooks contain plenty of prose. Try a few excerpts in the free version. I think you’ll find it quite useful.